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Fritz Maritime Agencies - List of Services

LOGISTICS - Capable staff to co-ordinate the discharge, truck loading, and delivery of cargo to the final destination.

HUSBANDING - FMA consistently trains all operation staff to insure everyone is capable to step in and perform any function.

CHARTERING - A small chartering department is maintained in San Francisco to assist principals.

OPERATIONS - FMA staff are well versed in the operations of the vessel, allowing a prompt turn around of vessels, thus reducing cost and time for the principal.

SUPERVISION - Vessel supervision consisting of day to day operations are handled in a professional and courteous manner.

CONSULTING - Staff are available to consult on various maritime issues including stevedoring and terminal.

COMMUNICATIONS - FMA staff are available twenty-four hour a day, with communications through telex, e-mail, and cellular phones.

DOCUMENTATION - All cargo and vessel documents are accurately completed and forwarded on a timely manner.

DISBURSEMENTS - Each office is responsible for their vessel disbursements, which are submitted to the principal within 30 days of the vessels sailing. All payments are made through our centralized accounting system in San Francisco.
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